Province of Tarragona

Welcome to the province located in the country of Spain where many visitors do not miss to explore. The city of Tarragona is a place located in the southern part of Spain. It is also surrounded by Barcelona, Castellón,  Zaragoza, Teruel, the Mediterranean Sea and Lleida. The population has reached about 888,895 and most of the citizens live in the center of the Tarragona province. If you will look up in the internet Tarragona city is the capital of the province which is the center.

There are major cities that you can find in the province that includes Valls, Reus, Salou,  Tortosa,  El Vendrell, and Amposta. The Tarragona city is one of the not so large city but it has the attraction of a large city as it is rich in historical and cultural sites. If you will visit the place you can make an advance reading on its history. When you are there you can be able to understand it better and you have an idea where you want to go and see.

This province has 183 municipalities in it and you can find some Cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church. There are also sites belonging to the list of World Heritage sites. There are many places to visit here aside from those places like the beautiful beaches, rivers, woodlands, the rocky shores, and some wildlife that are reserved. Food is also one of the things you should try here as well as wines. Many archeological remains from the times of the Roman empire who ruled for a time in this place.